Afford a criminal defense attorney (How to)

A common situation: “I make too much money to get a public defender but not enough to afford an attorney what should I do for my criminal case?” The question is “how can I afford a criminal defense attorney?”

Many attorneys, such as myself, will accept a case with payment plans. credit cards allow for automatic processing, and make securing payment easier for those wh cannot afford to pay large amounts of cash to make an attorney retainer deposit.

HOW SOLOMON LAW CHARGE FOR CRIMINAL DEFENSE: When negotiating a flat rate attorney fee to handle the case, Solomon Law’s goal is to help you afford a criminal defense attorney. This firm does not want you to go without a criminal defense lawyer, we want to help you. After hearing the general facts of the case along with the client’s goals and expectations, Solomon Law estimates the time the client’s case will take and the attorney fees does not exceed that flat rate attorney fee. This helps you to afford a criminal defense attorney. Like most firms, Solomon Law requires at least a down payment to cover initial costs and attorney time. Luckily, Solomon Law also accepts credit cards and can arrange for automatic monthly credit card charges, another way to help clients afford a criminal defense attorney. This also saves the client time and effort in mailing payments or bringing payments to the Solomon Law office.

DISCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT IN FULL. My firm will also give you as much as a 5% discount for paying the entire retainer up front. This does three things: (1) saves my firm time in billing and collecting your payments because Solomon Law will only need to send you paid bills for attorney fees; (2) help you to afford a criminal defense attorney by passing that time savings to you in the form of a discount; and (3) allow you and your attorney to focus on the case instead of spending any time discussing payments due or money owed to the firm, which tends to complicate the relationship between attorney and client.

DOES SOLOMON LAW TAKE CASES “PRO BONO?” FOR FREE? Sadly, the answer is no. Most criminal defense cases take time to develop defenses, cost money to buy discovery from the government, and more time to prepare and defend in negotiation and trial. At this time, Solomon Law cannot take on your criminal defense for free.

We want to help you afford a criminal defense attorney in every way. Ask about flexible payment options.

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