Thank you, Mark
I am so thankful I found Mark Solomon in my time of need. I had hired another lawyer for my case when 2 weeks before court he left the state for another job and sort of left me high and dry. That’s when I was referred to Mark. He not only handled my case within the short time frame, he was far more thorough and affordable than my previous attorney.

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Carolyn · May 10, 2017 at 8:06 am

Mark represented my son on several felony/misdemeanor charges pending in several counties across Denver. Let me tell you, he is a fantastic attorney, highly knowledgeable in his field and with the criminal court system in the Denver area. Because of Mark’s expertise, my son received excellent dispositions on all his cases. He is also reasonably priced. I’m not saying it’s inexpensive to see an attorney (we all know that), but the high quality of service we received, the results Mark obtained, was worth every penny, especially in comparison to what I’ve heard other attorneys charge. While my son has now learned his lesson, if anyone needs a great criminal defense attorney, call Mark Solomon

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