Five ways to avoid bail bond violations

Avoid a bail bond violation case by complying with bail bond conditions. Every bail bond has requirements that a defendant must follow, and failure to follow these requirements will give the prosecutor the option of filing a new case with harsh penalties possible. These are the most common ways a prosecutor may charge a person with such a crime. Avoid bail bond violation.

Avail bail bond violations

Avoid bail bond violations

Avoid new charges or new violations of law

A new law violation is the surest way to be charged with a bail bond violation. Bond is primarily focused on keeping the public safe and ensuring the return of the defendant for court dates. By being accused of a new crime, bond will almost certainly be increased after a new law violation, along with the strong possibility of a bail bond violation case. Stay clear of any possible criminal conduct, and even any conduct that may be closely considered a possible law violation. By doing so, you will most likely steer clear from new allegations of criminal activity.

Do not violate the protection order

Violating the protection order is another sure way to violate bond conditions. All criminal cases require a Mandatory Protection Order (MPO) Most courts make the protection order (MPO) a condition of bond. By violating the protection order, a defendant violates bond and subjects himself/herself to  a bail bond violation charge. This includes contact with victims or witnesses, if prohibited.

Do not drink alcohol or use marijuana or other drugs

Most protection orders prohibit use of alcohol and marijuana, and illegal drugs. Courts and pretrial services use random urinalysis (UA’s)  to monitor use of substances. Court will consider missed or diluted UA’s as “hot” or deceptive samples, while the court will be extremely harsh with a person submitting a truly fraudulent sample. Clearly, substances found in urine will be reported to the court in a special supervision report. Courts will take a harsh view on a defendant who refuses to comply with court ordered abstinence.

Comply with pretrial release conditions

Leaving the state without permission from pretrial services or the court will result in a bail bond violation if discovered. A defendant must comply with any other condition of bond the court orders, to remain on bond with no bail bond violations. Avoid Bail Bond Violations by remaining compliant, and stay free on bond.

Do not possess firearms or ammunition if prohibited

One bail bond condition in many criminal cases, prohibit possession of firearms and ammunition, especially felony charges and domestic violations. Once ordered to dispossess all firearms and ammunition, the court may require you to file an affidavit of dispossession within a short number of days to ensure compliance. A defendant may Avoid Bail Bond Violations by being timely with filing this affidavit.

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Ben Allen · January 9, 2017 at 11:02 am

I appreciate the information on ways to avoid bail bond violations. I agree that it is important to ensure that you are following all the laws and rules of a bail bond so that you don’t get in any more trouble than you already are in. I would imagine that it would make things a lot worse if someone decided to break a rule and got caught for it, possibly adding more to their sentence.

Braden Bills · February 22, 2017 at 10:17 am

It makes sense that you would want to avoid bail bond violations! It would be bad if you couldn’t use them because of unfortunate circumstances. It’s always good to do your research about new charges and law violations so you don’t violate anything.

L.Weaver · April 19, 2017 at 3:50 pm

I didn’t know a new law violation could break your bond. I guess bonds are not only meant to ensure your return. They also encourage safe behavior.

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