Having a Good Defense Lawyer: 3 Reasons

When you go to the prosecutor without a good defense lawyer, you risk putting yourself in a worse situation. Making decisions without a good defense lawyer is even worse. Mark Solomon can help you from the beginning.

Negotiation: Disclosing the right amount of information

First, by “telling the prosecutor your side of the story,” you’re possibly making a horrible mistake. Giving away some facts is part of negotiation. But, you may be giving away facts that you need at trial. If you do this, you may be decreasing your chance of winning. The other side probably doesn’t know the details of your defense. By telling them, you are giving the prosecutor a road map to defeat you. A good defense lawyer knows when to disclose facts and when to withhold them for tactical or strategic reasons.


Second, when a defendant starts a case negotiating without a good defense lawyer, new developments in your case seem more fabricated to a prosecutor when revealed later on. When a defense lawyer works against a prosecutor from the start, the process is more predictable. When an investigation is likely, new discoveries are more credible. A bonus effect is that the prosecutor is less likely to make snap decisions about a case or defendant with a good defense lawyer.

Case assessment

Lastly, an offer from a prosecutor is worthless without the context of a defendant’s criminal history, the facts of the case, and any other aggravating factors. Just because the offer sounds good, you may be throwing away a very winnable case without knowing it. A good defense lawyer’s case assessment is crucial in deciding whether to go to trial or give up a right to trial and plead guilty.

Most agree that getting a good defense lawyer from the beginning is the best start to a good defense in a criminal case. Make an appointment to discuss your case right away.

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