Dash Camera – Will protect the truth

Having a dash camera may be the only credible way to protect you after something bad happens. Going to trial with a video that proves what happened is often the difference between winning and losing. Why is that that it seems
Almost Everyone in Russia Has a Dash Cam? Because crazy things happen, and a video recording is the best way to prove the truth.

Dash camera is unobtrusive

They cost very little compared to the damage waiting to happen, or the deductible of your insurance, if you are found to be at fault. I have had a couple brands that have died after a few months, but my Rexing V1 has lasted for almost a year now, is easy to configure, and takes HD video and good audio. This model costs about $100, plus a 32gig sd-card for an additional $20. It uses an adhesive strip to affix to your windshield. This avoid the suction cup method, which often fails in hot temperatures.

If installed correctly, they are unobtrusive and are not distracting at all. Set to “loop” the recordings, you can set them, and forget them.

Dash camera does not interfere with visibility

Value of having a dash camera

The provable facts are often why a case goes to trial or not. Going to trial often depends on whether a car stopped at a stopped at a stop sign, was changing lanes, or if the other car caused the dangerous situation.

Since the recorder has a microphone, it will record inside your own car. When I change lanes, I have gotten in the habit of saying, “clear,” to have some evidence on the record of having checked the next lane.

A video of what happened is your best protection if you did not do anything wrong. Make sure to keep the best chance of being able to prove what happened

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