Getting to court on time is crucial. When people show up to court late, they tell the judge that they only honor their own rules.

Anyone who sits in court for a short time will hear a judge speak sternly to someone who showed up late for court. Some people will have their bond revoked for this behavior. A court notice to appear at a certain time is enough of a court order for the court to punish a defendant who appears late.

Being late can put you in jail:
Within the past week, defense attorney Mark S. Solomon saw one person taking a defendant into custody for being late the second time, and heard three judges tell people that appearing late to their sentencing is an unacceptable statement that they don’t care about court orders.

Unexpected traffic problems:
Having an accident or a flat tire may be enough of a legitimate excuse to be late one time. However, traffic is something that a defendant should plan for. A defendant should expect traffic delays during high-traffic times, such as 8-9am or 3-5pm. Furthermore, defendants should plan for delays from snow and ice delays during winter.

Parking takes time:
Many courts have parking lots, but some only have on-street parking or parking garages. Finding a parking place and walking to the court can be time-consuming. Plan 5-15 minutes for any parking problems that may arise.

Security screening takes even more time:
Lastly, all courts have security screening. Often, lines for security screening are slow-going. Defendants should plan to arrive to court at last 30 minutes before their scheduled start time. Many courts have extremely long lines to get into the courthouse. DO NOT BRING: knives, sharp instruments, handcuff keys, weapons, etc

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