Military Service

Mr. Solomon’s Military Service distinguishes him from many people who have not served this country.

United States Marine Corps Reserve

Mr. Solomon joined the Marine Corps Reserve out of high school and chose to enter a combat occupation field. He served the United States Marine Corps Reserves for almost six years.

Gulf War – Desert Shield/Desert Storm

Mr. Solomon was activated in 1990 and deployed to the Middle East where his company was attached to support an infantry company unit.

Operation Sea Angel

After the Gulf War was over and after a months long period of observation to ensure the Iraqis did not restart hostilities, Mr. Solomon was deployed with the amphibious Marine Expeditionary Unit to the Bay of Bengal to assist in humanitarian aid. This operation, called “Operation Sea Angel,” was, according to, “one of the largest military disaster relief efforts ever carried out, with the United Kingdom, China, India, Pakistan and Japan also participating.”


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