Continuing Legal Education

Mark Solomon is committed to continually honing his legal skills. Colorado lawyers are required to take 45 hours of continuing legal education every three years. Mark Solomon has continually exceeded this required amount, as dedication to his craft.

Date Hours Description
April 2018 12 Felony DUI Representation, Colorado Springs, CO – CCDB
March 2018 4 Domestic Violence Cases, Denver, CO – CCDB
February 2018 7 Family Law Basics, Denver, CO – Colorado Bar
January 2018 5.5 Defending Sex Assault Cases, Denver, CO – CCDB
October 2017 5 CCDB Roadshow, Denver, CO – CCDB
April 2017 7 CCDB DUI Trial Practice, Denver, CO
March 2017 3 CCDB Criminal Immigration, Denver CO
April 2016 7 DUI Conference, CCDB, Breckenridge, CO
March 2016 4 Criminal Immigration, ADC, Denver, CO
September 2015 7 Evidence Blowout, ADC, Denver, CO
June 2015 4 Negotiation and Sentencing, CJA, Denver, CO
May 2015 12 Negotiation, ADC, Denver, CO
April 2015 12 DUI Conference, CCDB, Breckenridge, CO
February 2015 30 Trial Advocacy, ADC, Denver, CO
November 2014 2 County Court Training, ADC, Denver, CO
October 2014 3 CCDB Roadshow, Denver, CO
October 2014 4 Cell Phone Analysis, CJA, Denver, CO
September 2014 6 DUI Basics, COBAR, Denver, CO
September 2014 1 Gun Trusts, COBAR, Denver, CO
August 2014 1 Gun Law, COBAR, Denver, CO
April 2014 12 DUI Conference, CCDB, Denver, CO
January 2014 4 Ethics, CBA, Denver, CO
November 2013 1-2 Record Sealing, CCDB, Denver, CO
October 2013 4 Roadshow, CCDB, Denver, CO
August 2013 DMV Interlock, CCDB, Denver, CO
March 2013 8 Navigating the Domestic Violence Maze, CBA, Denver, CO
February 2013 5 COCCA, CCDB, Denver, CO
November 2012 1 Immigration, CBA, Denver, CO
October 2012 4 Guns, Drugs, and Money: Money, CJA, Denver, CO
October 2012 4 Roadshow, CCDB, Denver, CO
September 2012 4 Guns, Drugs, and Money: Drugs, CJA, Denver, CO
July 2012 4 Prosecuting 35(c) claims, CCDB, Denver, CO
June 2012 20 US Sentencing Guidelines, USSGC, New Orleans, LA
June 2012 1 Habitual Offender, CCDB, Denver, CO
April 2012 1 Juvenile Law Update, CCDB, Denver, CO
July 2012 7 CBA Criminal Basics, CBA, Denver, CO
2010 2 days Annual Conference, DPA, Lexington, KY
2009 2 days Annual Conference, DPA, Louisville, KY
2009 5 days Circuit Court Basics, DPA, Frankfort, KY
2009 5 days Faubush Trial Advocacy Court, DPA, Frankfort, KY
2009 5 days District Court Basics, DPA, Frankfort, KY


Training in Education

Mr. Solomon’s training in criminal defense started in law school.  He participated in nine months of criminal defense training in the University of Denver, Sturm College of Law Student Law Office which strives to instill ideal practice standards in representing indigent criminal defendants.  Under the finest instructors, he learned how to strive towards perfection when representing his clients.

Internship training

As an intern in the Colorado Public Defender’s office in Douglas County, Colorado, Mr. Solomon applied his Student Law Office training to a larger volume of criminal defense cases.  Because of his training in criminal defense, Mr. Solomon’s clients were treated as individuals facing a difficult time in their lives, not cases to be handled by a public servant. Mr. Solomon received training from supervising attorneys in trial practice while Mr. Solomon performed as lead counsel in jury trials.

Kentucky Public Defender Training

Kentucky Public Defender Training is comprised of almost three full weeks of training in law, practice, and trial advocacy.



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