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Search and Seizure: No Police Search Warrant - DNA
Search and Seizure: No Police Search Warrant - DNA

Search and Seizure is a large part of criminal defense law, and your ability to help your lawyer protecting your hair, blood, and DNA is vital, especially when there is no police search warrant. If a person randomly asked for a blood or hair sample, most people would think ...

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  • Grand Jury Indictments Are Rubber Stamps?

    Grand jury proceedings are a mystical thing. They are secret. The grand jurors go in, the prosecutor goes in, witnesses go in, then the prosecutor ...

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  • Statute of Limitations - So Long Ago, but Charging Me Now

    Statute of Limitations on Warrants in Colorado In Colorado, there are no statute of limitations on arrest or bench warrants, but according to ...

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  • Lower Bond or Higher Bond? Learn How Bond Works

    Get a Lower Bond: How Bond Works Bond has two purposes: (1) ensures a defendant’s return to court and (2) ensures the person will not re-offend while ...

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  • Federal Sentencing Basics: Offense Level and Criminal History

    If you have been charged with a federal offense, you need a criminal defense attorney who understands the federal sentencing guidelines. These ...

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  • Internet Luring Cases & Police Stings

    Police arrested a man with a Ph.D. in Colorado on charges of Internet luring for arranging a meeting with a woman and her child, according to this ...

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  • Introduction to Reasons Police May Enter and Search Your Home

    INTRODUCTION When police enter and search your home, they need a reason. Many reasons will work for them to be legally in your home. This article will ...

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  • Preliminary Hearings in Kentucky

    Question: When a person is arrested for a felony in Kentucky, how long until he can get out of jail? Also, is this an important part of the case where ...

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