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Text Messages Require Expert Witnesses (Four Reasons)
Text Messages Require Expert Witnesses (Four Reasons)

Four reasons text messages require expert witnesses Domestic violence cases often involve evidence revolving around text messaging, and cases with text messages require expert witnesses. These messages are usually between the alleged victim and suspect. Most police ...

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  • Important to Get to Court on Time

    Getting to court on time is crucial. When people show up to court late, they tell the judge that they only honor their own rules. Anyone who sits in ...

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  • Having a Good Defense Lawyer: 3 Reasons

    When you go to the prosecutor without a good defense lawyer, you risk putting yourself in a worse situation. Making decisions without a good defense ...

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  • 5 Ways To Avoid Bail Bond Violations

    Avoid a bail bond violation case by complying with bail bond conditions. Every bail bond has requirements that a defendant must follow, and failure to ...

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  • Remain Silent: Do Not Talk to the Detective

    Remain silent and get the best chance to keep your ability to defend your case. People think that by talking to the police officer or the detective, ...

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  • Why Judges Require GPS Monitoring with Bond

    Fighting to Remove Your Colorado Ankle Monitor Before arraignment and before seeing a judge, bond is usually set by a predetermined bond schedule. ...

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  • How To Afford a Criminal Defense Attorney

    A common situation: “I make too much money to get a public defender but not enough to afford an attorney what should I do for my criminal case ?” The ...

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  • Search and Seizure: No Police Search Warrant - DNA

    Search and Seizure is a large part of criminal defense law, and your ability to help your lawyer protecting your hair, blood, and DNA is vital, ...

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  • Statue of Limitations - so Long Ago, but Charging Me Now

    Statue of limitations Statue of limitations are the time required to bring charges or “commence the prosecution.” The criminal prosecutor must bring ...

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  • Lower Bond or Higher Bond? Learn How Bond Works

    Get a Lower Bond: How Bond Works Bond has two purposes: (1) ensures a defendant’s return to court and (2) ensures the person will not re-offend while ...

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