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Once you are charged with a crime, your world seems to spin faster and faster. With government prosecutors doing everything they can to make you suffer consequences for your actions, you need the help of an experienced Aurora criminal defense lawyer on your side. With over a decade of proven legal service and relentless representation for his clients, Attorney Mark Solomon stands ready to help you in your time of need.

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Areas of Practice

Mr. Solomon has been an Aurora criminal defense lawyer for years and has defended most types of cases in Aurora Municipal Court. Mr. Solomon is extremely familiar with the Aurora Municipal Code and has successfully defended many clients in jury trials.

These areas of practice include:

  • Felony cases – If this is your first felony, remember that being a convicted felon can affect your future employment opportunities, gun rights, and voting rights. You need a lawyer who has a lot of experience in handling felony cases to find the way to fight your charges or negotiate a settlement you can live with.
  • Misdemeanor charges – In trouble for a misdemeanor, facing jail and/or fines? You need help to make sure someone tells your side of the story correctly.
  • DUI cases – A good lawyer can help try and stop some or all of the bad consequences that flow from being charged with DUI.
  • Self-defense law – Hire a professional to manage your situation if you are in trouble because you had to use self-defense to protect yourself or someone else.
  • Traffic tickets – Your ability to legally drive a vehicle is affected by having too many tickets. You need a professional to ensure you are not pre-paying yourself into taking a bus or the light rail. If you drive without a license, you can face jail and/or fines.
  • Criminal record sealing and expungements – If you were arrested, charged, or convicted, as a juvenile or as an adult, your case may be eligible to be expunged or sealed.

Assault & Harassment: Domestic Violence cases in Aurora Municipal Court

Police will almost always arrest a person after an investigation for domestic violence. They do this to ensure a person is on bond and to have a municipal protection order issued. Protection orders can include family members and often prohibit any contact with the victim of the alleged case. An experienced Aurora criminal defense lawyer can help you to navigate the land-mines of defending yourself from these domestic violence charges. Mr. Solomon can look to see if the city has a case against you, whether it was self-defense, or if the contact between you and the alleged victim was minimal. He will be able to advise if a jury trial is practical and your risks in going to trial.

If found not guilty at trial, or if the case is dismissed, Mr. Solomon usually recommends that his clients pursue a petition to seal a criminal record in domestic violence cases. Even though this involves an additional attorney fee and court costs, many people feel that these arrest records and court records can hurt their futures if public.

Assault & Battery

Bar fights, road rage, and other heated situations often result in assault and battery charges. Police usually arrest a person for assault and battery, causing an entry on a person’s arrest record. An experienced Aurora criminal defense lawyer will look to see if the city has a case against you, whether it was self-defense, or if the contact between you and the victim was minimal or accidental. As your lawyer, Mr. Solomon will be able to advise if a jury trial is practical and your risks in going to trial.

Shoplifting & Theft

Theft cases of less than $2,000 can be prosecuted in municipal court. Most shoplifting cases do not involve arrests. Police usually issue a summons. Theft charges are not easy to defend, but an experienced Aurora criminal defense lawyer like Mr. Solomon knows how to proceed in finding ways to defend your case.

Violation of Court Order

If you were issued a protection order from the Aurora Municipal Court, and the police and city attorney’s office have proof that you violated that protection order, you will be charged with Violation of Court Order. Most prosecutors will ask for jail time for this offense. An experienced Aurora criminal defense lawyer like Mr. Solomon will look for defenses to their allegation that you violated the order, along with ways to mitigate the city’s offer of jail.

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Case Results

How Solomon Criminal Defense Gets Results

When your rights are on the line, getting help from an award-winning Aurora criminal defense lawyer can make all the difference. With a 10.0 Superb Avvo Rating and two consecutive years named among Rising Stars®, Solomon Criminal Defense offers the quality representation your case needs to obtain the best possible outcome for your situation. Find out more by reading below. Call today and schedule your free consultation.

*Each case is different and must be evaluated on its individual facts. Prior results do not guarantee any future outcomes.
  • Dismissed Dept of Revenue DUI Revocation Hearing
  • Dismissed Shoplifting
  • Plea to Misdemeanor Felony Menacing
  • Dismissed Assault
  • Not Guilty at Trial Child Abuse
  • Granted Petition to Seal Record
  • Dismissed Assault (Domestic Violence)
  • Dismissed Assault (Domestic Violence)
  • Not Guilty at Trial Harassment
  • Not Guilty Verdict at Trial Assault (Domestic Violence)