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Defense of Sex Crimes Involving Minors

Sex crimes, including child pornography charges, are among the most serious types of offenses for which you can be arrested. In some cases, you may have been under investigation for quite some time before you're made aware of charges. Child pornography charges are investigated and prosecuted by both state and federal agencies. Regardless of the circumstances, Solomon Criminal Defense is here to help. With a strong background both as a marine and an attorney, the Aurora child pornography attorney at the firm can represent charges involving possession, distribution, and production.

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Understanding Child Pornography Crimes in Colorado

Generally, child pornography crimes fall into three categories: possession, distribution, and production. In the state of Colorado, these crimes are covered under CO Rev Stat, Section 18. Under these laws, it is illegal to "cause, entice, or permit a child to engage in or be used to make sexually explicit material, to prepare, publish, produce, advertise, or distribute any sexually exploitive materials involving children, or to possess any sexually exploitive material involving children.

The exact penalties for a child pornography charge depend on a wide range of factors, including whether the charges are being pursued by the local or federal court. It is important to hire representation as quickly as possible after your arrest to allow time for investigatory work.

Depending on the circumstances of the charges, you could face:

  • 4-12 years in prison for the sexual exploitation of a child, a Class 3 felony
  • 4-12 years in a prison for the procurement of a child for sexual exploitation, a Class 3 felony
  • 2-6 years in prison for the internet sexual exploitation of a child, a Class 4 felony

Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Child Pornography

Should your charge be filed in federal court, your exact sentence will be controlled by the federal sentencing guidelines. These guidelines may include enhancements based on the circumstances of your charges. These enhancements may include whether violence was involved against the child, the age of the child(ren) involved, and the number of images.

You may be confused by the nature of the charges against you, which is where hiring an attorney comes in. Once your lawyer has investigated your charges, he can explain exactly what you have been charged with and what type of penalties you might be facing.

Hire Top-Quality Legal Counsel

If you have been under investigation or were already arrested, you should waste no time before hiring an Aurora child pornography attorney. You can depend on Solomon Criminal Defense to ensure you understand your charges and build a defense strategy on your behalf. While your situation may seem dire, you should never give up. Refuse to answer questions or speak to law enforcement until your legal representation is present.

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  • Dismissed Dept of Revenue DUI Revocation Hearing
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  • Plea to Misdemeanor Felony Menacing
  • Dismissed Assault
  • Not Guilty at Trial Child Abuse
  • Granted Petition to Seal Record
  • Dismissed Assault (Domestic Violence)
  • Dismissed Assault (Domestic Violence)
  • Not Guilty at Trial Harassment
  • Not Guilty Verdict at Trial Assault (Domestic Violence)