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Protection Order Violation Attorney in Aurora

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Protection orders are issued on a temporary or permanent basis with the intention of preventing potentially harmful individuals from being in contact with their alleged victims. For example, if someone is being continually harassed or threatened, they may request a protection order. Once the order is in place, this prevents the alleged perpetrator from being in contact with the victim in any way.

If the defendant violates the restraining order, they could face another charge and additional consequences. At Solomon Criminal Defense, the experienced Aurora protection order violation lawyer defends clients accused of this crime in any form. This may include cyberstalking, contacting the victim, stalking the victim, or coming in any contact with the victim.

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Penalties for Violating a Protection Order

The crime of violating a protection order is covered under CO Rev Stat, Title 18, Criminal Code § 18-6-8035. Protection order violations are typically charged as a misdemeanor. However, these offenses should not be taking lightly. If you are convicted you could face probation, fines, jail time, mandatory counseling, and the loss of civil liberties. The amount of punishment you could face will depend on the nature of the alleged offense and if anyone was physically harmed.

Depending on the circumstances, you could face:

  • Class 1 misdemeanor: Up to 18 months imprisonment and a $5,000 fine
  • Class 2 misdemeanor: Up to 12 months imprisonment and a $1,000 fine

Defenses to Protection Order Violations

Not every instance involving a suspicion of a protection order violation involves a police officer apprehending or arresting the suspect. In some cases, charges can be brought as a result of a report from the alleged victim or eyewitness testimony.

Defenses may include:

  • False allegations
  • A reliable alibi
  • Eyewitness misidentification
  • Chance encounters

In the event that you are accused of violating a protection order, hiring an Aurora violation of protection order attorney is in your best interest. A trained and skilled lawyer can investigate the evidence, talk to witnesses, analyze statements, and look for holes or discrepancies. For example, the attorney from Solomon Criminal Defense may be able to find that the person who filed the violation report has an ulterior motive.

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