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What Is Self Defense in Colorado?

Self-defense is a scary thing. Thankfully, using physical force against another human being is something most people will never know. Some people will either put themselves in the position of having to use physical force against another person, or be thrust into the position of defending themselves against their choice. Still another group of people will, either through hesitation or conscious choice, do nothing and become victims. All of these groups can face an uphill battle if they handle the aftermath of their choices poorly.

You have the right to use self-defense when protecting yourself against imminent harm. You also have the responsibility to know how to use that right. Learning the right way to handle a self-defense situation can mean the difference between (1) walking away, (2) being charged and going through the criminal process from plea offers and trial, and (3) spending days to years locked up away from family, friends, and your job. With the help of an Aurora criminal defense lawyer, you can fight to preserve your freedom and obtain the best possible outcome for your situation.

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Protecting Your from Criminal Self Defense Charges

First, we will focus on those who use force in self-defense, force against another person to protect themselves. These people can easily be seen as the perpetrators of a crime. Even if their acts are lawful. Any statements made to police in the heat of the immediate aftermath is likely to be a problem for you later. Small inconsistencies, incorrect memories, emotion, and unnecessary information cloud your statement to police and make defending you more difficult later. A better idea is this: don’t make a statement to police until you consult with a self-defense lawyer. If you can, get a card from a good self-defense lawyer and keep it handy to show the police. Police officers routinely wait to make statements of their own use of force until they have calmed down and thought about what happened. You do the same thing.

When calling the police or 911, they will be recording the call. Tell them that you need them respond because “there has been a shooting and it’s all over” or “someone tried to break into my house” – only report the bare facts as to why the police need to respond. Do not answer any questions as to what you did; not to the 911 operator over the phone before you’ve spoken to your lawyer. To repeat that: Don’t tell the 911 operator anything you did, only what the situation is about.

Next, do not alter the scene at all. Do not move things, clean things, remove things, etc. Anything you do to alter the scene of events can be viewed as tampering with evidence. If you decline to make a statement, police might want to look closer at the scene to see if you are being deceptive in any way. Don’t be deceptive in any way! Just remain silent.

Lastly, have a relationship with a lawyer who can respond to the scene and deal with the situation for you. Have you ever made a statement to the press? Handled police interrogators? Had crime scene investigators invading your home? Most people have not experienced any of these things. Once you are accused of a violent crime, your prosecutors begin building a case to make sure you suffer the consequences. It is important that you immediately get started on your defense strategy.

Solomon Criminal Defense Self Defense Legal Counsel

After using force in self-defense, you will have to speak to police whose job is to investigate crime and charge people when appropriate. When talking to the police after using force in self-defense, you need to remember that they are not just trying to figure out what happened for their report. The police are investigating a possible crime, and everyone involved is a suspect. Everyone.

By working with an experienced criminal defense attorney, you can avoid:

  • Waiting in a jail cell to be arraigned in the morning
  • Talking to police officers who are tag-team interrogating you in a little room with a closed door
  • Wondering where your family is going to stay the night and whether they are in the same post-traumatic state as you

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Case Results

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  • Dismissed Dept of Revenue DUI Revocation Hearing
  • Dismissed Shoplifting
  • Plea to Misdemeanor Felony Menacing
  • Dismissed Assault
  • Not Guilty at Trial Child Abuse
  • Granted Petition to Seal Record
  • Dismissed Assault (Domestic Violence)
  • Dismissed Assault (Domestic Violence)
  • Not Guilty at Trial Harassment
  • Not Guilty Verdict at Trial Assault (Domestic Violence)