What we do at Solomon Law:

Mark Solomon practices criminal law. He has practiced criminal law since 2007.

Mark Solomon Denver Court

Sexual Assault Cases – If you are accused of rape, sexual assault, or sexual assault on a child, you need a defense attorney.

Sex Crime Defense – A person convicted of a sex crime in Colorado will be punished by serious criminal penalties. This often includes prison time, which can be as severe as 10-20 years to life imprisonment, and registration as a sex offender. Judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials take sex crimes very seriously and often seek the maximum penalties for each offense. Unfortunately, if you are accused of a sex crime, you may appear guilty in the eyes of the public and media before ever stepping foot inside a courtroom.

Felony cases – Your liberty is at stake. If this is your first felony, remember that being a convicted felon can affect your future employment opportunities, gun rights, and voting rights. You need a lawyer who has a lot of experience in handling felony cases to find a way to fight your charges or negotiate a settlement you can live with.

Misdemeanor charges – In trouble for a misdemeanor, facing jail and/or fines?  You need help to make sure someone tells your side of the story correctly.

DUI Cases – A good lawyer can help try and stop some or all of the bad consequences that flow from being charged with DUI.

Vehicular Assault Cases and Vehicular Homicide Cases – These are very serious felony cases with a foundation of a DUI case but where someone is hurt or killed.

Self-defense law – Hire a professional to manage your situation if you are in trouble because you had to use self-defense to protect yourself or someone else.

Probation revocation cases – Are you on probation and accused of a new charge or violating the terms of your probation? Deferred judgments are considered the same as probation in regards to your rights to a hearing. Mark S. Solomon handles probation revocation cases (probation violation cases) and deferred judgment revocation cases (deferred judgment violation cases).

Traffic tickets – Your ability to legally drive a vehicle is affected by having too many tickets.  You need a professional to ensure you are not pre-paying yourself into taking a bus or the light rail. If you drive without a license, you can face jail and/or fines.


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