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You need a DUI Defense Lawyer to help with both DUI and DWAI in Colorado. A DUI arrest can be scary and confusing all at once. It is important that when you go to court, you are able to tell your side of the story.

In some cases, you want to make sure a judge will know that you will never do this again. In other cases, you also want a jury to see that you are NOT GUILTY. In all cases, having a DUI defense attorney is essential to helping you decide on whether to attempt a victory at trial, get a reduction in charges for failures in the police investigation, or negotiate a plea agreement.

With over a decade of award-winning legal representation, Solomon Criminal Defense stands ready to support you during this difficult time.

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How Our DUI Defense Lawyer Helps Clients

With an experienced DUI defense lawyer on your side, you can prevent making the mistakes that could compromise your future. Colorado DUI law allows for up to 365 days in jail for a misdemeanor DUI which is usually a first, second, or third offense in a lifetime.

You need someone on your side to explain and work on important questions:

  • Will I lose my driver’s license?
  • Will this affect my insurance? My job?
  • What if I have a commercial driver’s license (CDL)?

Getting a DUI conviction can seriously impact a person’s life. To some people, living without a driver’s license is too difficult to imagine. Get a DUI defense attorney to help you.

Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI)

A DWAI is a driving offense that, while still considered a crime, carries lesser penalties than being arrest for DUI. DWAI is considered a traffic misdemeanor while DUI can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony (if someone is seriously injured or this is a fourth or more offense).

DUI Defense Lawyers Protect Your Driving Privileges

The first step in a DUI case is the license revocation hearing, which must be requested within seven days from either (1) when the officer issues the “express consent affidavit” that gives notice of the revocation or (2) when the Department of Revenue issues and mails the “notice of revocation.” These hearings are held in front of a hearing officer, who is an administrative law judge working for the Department of Revenue.

You need to know if:

  • You should insist that the police officer attend
  • You should testify at this DMV hearing
  • If this DMV hearing is appealable

If you don’t assert your right to a DMV hearing, you will lose your license without a fight. To some people, living without a driver’s license is too difficult to imagine. Get a DUI defense lawyer to help you.

Mr. Solomon did an excellent job in handling an unfortunate situation in my life. Over the span of 3-4 months Mr. Solomon took care of all aspects of my case at a fair price and was in constant contact with me making sure I was both updated on the situation and that any concerns were alleviated. After my sentencing concluded with the minimum charges possible (an overall success), I was under probation and facing conditions from a private probation company that I did not feel were fair or court ordered. Mr. Solomon returned to my defense after the initial case had concluded, writing a motion to dismiss these conditions and representing me in front of the judge again in a one time free of charge appearance The judge agreed with us in this instance and due to the help provided by Mr. Solomon these unjust conditions were considered unlawful. I highly recommend Mark Solomon to anyone needing legal representation in his field of expertise in Colorado. –DUI Client, July 2014

DUI cases involve dozens of factors that can influence a police officer’s decision to stop a car, perform an investigation, and make an arrest.  The officer likely performed tests on breath or blood.

Strategies for a Successful Case

DUI cases involve dozens of factors that can influence a police officer’s decision to stop a car, perform an investigation, and make an arrest. The officer likely performed tests on breath or blood. A skilled DUI attorney can be the difference between having a conviction or not, a high fine or not, or jail or not.

Some factors that could affect the outcome of your case include:

  • If this your first, second, or third (or more) DUI
  • If you were charged with DUI on a military base
  • If you are being charged with DUI in Federal District Court

What rights do you have when in front of a federal magistrate judge against U.S. Attorneys? A federal practitioner should know how to work a federal DUI case. If a defendant refuses a chemical test for blood or breath, and even if a defendant tests as having an extremely high content for alcohol, a DUI defense attorney can mean a difference.

Mark Solomon, DUI Defense Lawyer, in a meeting

Experience Counts

Mr. Solomon is a DUI defense lawyer who has worked hundreds of DUI cases and been in front of many juries on DUI jury trials. Knowing how to work a DUI case involves expert witness testimony on the level of the defendant’s impairment from alcohol and/or drugs. Having worked as a public defender in Eastern Kentucky—a place where “hillbilly heroin” (oxycodone, hydrocodone, and more) is common—Mr. Solomon is well versed in “drugged driving” cases, also known as DUI-D (driving under the influence of drugs).

If you are ready to have Mr. Solomon consult with you on your case, contact us we will make an appointment.


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