Felony Charges

Mr. Solomon handles all sorts of felony charges, such as drug possession, drug trafficking, theft, felony domestic violence, felony assaults and menacing, assault on a police officer, fleeing and evading police, burglary, etc.

Felony charges lead to handcuffs

Felony charges? Don't go to prison when you don't have to. Do you want to wear these when being transported around your new house? Do you want to worry about your parole review date?

Having felony charges against you can change your life. If not dismissed and sealed, these charges will always be visible. If you have a drug felony conviction and avoid all law enforcement contact for long enough, you may be able to seal a felony drug conviction. Otherwise, you will always need to explain them on job interviews.

When facing felony charges, having an attorney is crucial, and should be easy to understand.

  • Are the felony charges correct? Am I being overcharged?
  • Should I be facing felony charges?
  • My bond seems high. How do I get the court to lower it?
  • Do I insist on a preliminary hearing on my felony charges?
  • Is the plea offer fair? Should I keep negotiating a better offer?
  • Do I go to trial?
  • What about sentencing? Probation, community corrections, or prison are all possible.

Your felony defense lawyer should explain these crucial issues to you in a way you can understand.

Mark S. Solomon

Mr. Solomon will work hard on your felony charges.

Deferred judgments

Deferred judgments essentially work the same in misdemeanor and felony cases, and are usually not a bad resolution to your case. What is a deferred judgment (D.J.)? In a deferred judgment, a defendant admits guilt to a charge, but delays sentencing to a far off date usually measured in years. Prosecutors require the defendant to complete steps to assure the government that he will not do these acts again. The prosecutor or court requires classes. The classes could be anger management, theft, drug counseling, mental health evaluations, or family counseling. If the defendant cost any party money or destroyed property, the government will insist on the defendant paying restitution to the victims. A deferred judgment is like probation, but with the added benefit of the possibility of avoiding a conviction if the defendant complies with these terms.

Sealing a dismissed deferred judgment

If the court dismisses the deferred judgment, the defendant can petition the court to seal the case. If the case is sealed, it will not visible on background checks.

The consequences of being convicted felon

If you accept a plea agreement on felony charges, it is the same as being convicted at trial. Society and the legal system treats a convicted felon differently:

  • You cannot possess firearms, because to do so is another felony.
  • You may not be eligible for government assistance. This is especially true if the conviction was drug related.
  • Future cases are worse because prosecutors will treat felons worse as more serious previous offenders.
  • Getting a job is harder because employers will see felonies on background checks.
  • You cannot vote.



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