Gun Crimes Defense Lawyer for Firearm Charges

In the state of Colorado, it is legal to possess or use a firearm. CO Rev Stat, Title 18, Article 12 tells how one may purchase, use, and store a firearm. As a result, if you were accused of a gun crime, it is essential that you seek a Gun Crimes Defense Lawyer right away from an attorney with a history of success. Solomon Criminal Defense has an exhaustive knowledge of the state’s gun laws, as well as effective defense strategies for allegations and charges.

Gun Crime Charges the Firm Represents

Despite the fact that you have a right to gun ownership, there may be instances where law enforcement finds a reason to arrest you for a gun crime. There are many types of gun crimes the state may prosecute a person for. This could be from improperly purchasing or transferring your firearm, to illegally brandishing a weapon. Regardless of how severe your charge may seem and whether or not you’ve previously been convicted of a gun crime, finding a gun crimes defense lawyer is vital.

We represent clients for:

  • Unlawfully carrying a gun/firearm
  • Being drunk with a firearm
  • Being reckless with a firearm
  • Possessing a prohibited firearm
  • Having an illegal firearm
  • Violating conceal and carry laws
  • Possessing a firearm as a convicted felon

Not all gun charges are felony charges, but many are.

Solomon Criminal Defense Is On Your Side

As a lifetime criminal defense bar member since 2013, the gun crimes defense lawyer at Solomon Criminal Defense is prepared to handle any type of weapons charges. He is willing to work with individuals like yourself who have been charged with all types of gun crime offenses.

Once he accepts your case, you can rely on him to protect your legal rights and advocate for you. He can also ensure that you understand your legal options every step of the way. His insight can only prove beneficial as you navigate the legal system and fight your charges.

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