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Kidnapping refers to a child being illegally taken away from their parents, but the crime can also take other forms. Regardless of the circumstances, kidnapping is charged as a felony offense under CO Rev Stat 18-3-301 – 18-3-302. At Solomon Criminal Defense, Attorney Mark Solomon has experience representing both first and second-degree charges. As a client, you can rely on Mr. Solomon, a Kidnapping Defense Attorney, to take the time to investigate your charges and the evidence against you and build a defense strategy on your behalf.

First & Second Degree Kidnapping Charges

When a person is accused of or arrested for kidnapping, many factors are taken into account to determine if the charge will be a first- or second-degree felony. While still serious, second-degree kidnapping charges are the slightly less severe of the two. A person can be charged with this offense if they are accused of transporting another person without their consent and/or illegally coercing a child away from their parents, such as in the event of a ransom threat. These charges are often considered crimes of violence with enhanced and mandatory sentencing.


As the more serious form of kidnapping charges, first-degree kidnapping may involve:

  • Using force to transport a person from one place to another
  • Coercing an individual to move against their will
  • Hiding or imprisoning someone

As a violent felony, first-degree kidnapping may be filed if the person being taken was injured in the course of the event. Either one of these crimes has the potential to bring serious consequences, including up to 24 years in prison and $1,000,000 in fines. It is vital that you seek a legal defense right away after your arrest.

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If you or a loved one were charged with any type of kidnapping offense, turn to Solomon Criminal Defense. With a strong background as a marine and in the legal field, Mr. Solomon is dedicated to resolving your case.

Some useful defense strategies could include:

  • Proving that you had an alibi
  • Showing that you did not have the ability or intent to kidnap someone
  • Absolving yourself of accusation that you caused any physical harm to reduce the severity of the charge

As a lifetime criminal defense bar member, he has been trusted by many facing violent crime charges.

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