Marijuana Trafficking serious charges

Marijuana Trafficking

Marijuana Trafficking can be a serious charge. Police are quick to bring serious marijuana cultivation charges if they learn of a grow operation. People with Marijuana Trafficking charges can face probation or years in prison. If you are charged with Marijuana Trafficking, you need a lawyer.

Marijuana trafficking defense lawyer
Marijuana trafficking defense lawyer

Marijuana Trafficking – Moving pot to other states

If you are caught selling pot in the black market, your charges will be based on the amount of marijuana the police find. However, when police find a marijuana seller, they may have already flipped a marijuana buyer. Savvy police will get several “buys” under their belt to be able to bring far more serious charges, such as money laundering and COCCA (up to 24 years prison).

Also, Police are experts in flipping growers into confidential informants. Police lure out of state buyers to Colorado for a profitable buy, and arrest them. If a gun is involved, you could face a minimum of 12 years of prison and a maximum of 32 years in prison. Yes, even in Colorado.

Marijuana Sales Inside Colorado

If you sell marijuana inside Colorado without a license, you are committing a felony. If you sell to a minor, that felony will be more serious. Most literature indicate that marijuana use by young people is harmful to brain development. Whether or not this is true, police and prosecutors believe it, so they will prosecute sellers to minors very harshly.

Marijuana Trafficking – Growing Marijuana in large amounts

Growing marijuana in a residence can be tricky. Growing more than 12 plants in a residence is illegal and can easily result in criminal charges. Cities can pass their own regulations regarding marijuana growing that are more strict than state law. The City of Aurora will strongly prosecute marijuana cultivation when the smell is evident from outside the property. These city charges carry a penalty of up to a year in jail along with a possibility of a $2,650 fine.

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