Traffic tickets and Protecting Your Driving Privileges

When you get a traffic ticket, you may not take it very seriously, especially if there is no immediate arrest. However, after accumulating enough points on your license as a result of traffic tickets, you could face serious repercussions. Mark Solomon is a traffic ticket defense lawyer who defends charges of all types relating to traffic offenses. Whether you’ve been accused of reckless driving, careless driving, driving under restraint (suspension) or anything else, he can help.

Driving Under Revocation and Driving without a license is taken very seriously.  While some jurisdictions allow a driver to get his license back and will reduce the charges, other jurisdictions insist on jail.  Knowing which jurisdiction you’re in can make a big difference in how to approach the defense of your case.

In Colorado, when a police officer issues a traffic ticket, he is charging a person with either a “traffic offense” or a “traffic infraction.” Traffic offenses include the possibility of jail, so these offenses and allow a defendant the right to a jury trial. These are also known in Colorado courts as a traffic misdemeanor.

Traffic infractions do not include the possibility of jail, so do not allow for the possibility of a jury trial. All trials for traffic infractions are to a judge and called “bench trials.” These are harder to win, but may involve issues of civil liability. Knowing whether to negotiate a plea or go to a traffic trial can be complicated.

 Solomon Law for Traffic Cases

Solomon Law offers options for handling your traffic case, based on the severity of the case and how you want to proceed in your case. I work my cases using a two-part attorney fee. See my question and answer video on two-part fees.

Also, I handle many DUI and DWAI cases.

Traffic accident reconstruction or investigator costs are not included in these above attorney fee rates. Such costs may or may not be needed for a better chance of a successful outcome.

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