Probation revocation hearings

Mr. Solomon has handled countless probation revocation hearings on both misdemeanor and felony cases.

Probation revocation allegations

Being accused of a probation violation is an accusation by the government that a defendant is not compliant with the terms of their probation. Such an accusation gives the defendant many of the same rights as being charged with a new crime. However, fighting a probation revocation case is different than a new charge in many ways. As such, it is always best to have a lawyer negotiate with the prosecutor or fight the charge any revocation hearing.

Deferred judgment revocation allegations

Courts and prosecutors consider deferred judgments a second chance that the defendant have accepted, plead guilty, and agreed to abide by its terms. When accused of violating the terms of a deferred judgment, a prosecutor and judge will not easily agree to keep a deferred judgment intact and allow its eventual dismissal. This is why an attorney experienced in working deferred judgment revocation hearings will help you to protect your criminal record.

Your rights

A defendant’s due process rights require that the court give a defendant the opportunity to know what the accusation is, and to have a hearing where evidence is presented, and any testimony is given under oath, and subjected to cross-examination. A defendant has the right to subpoena witnesses to testify in their defense.

Some of the mistakes a person can make in a probation revocation case are the same as when facing a criminal charge. The most serious mistake involves accepting a prosecutor’s offer to admit the violation under a plea agreement before understanding the charges against them, reviewing the evidence that a prosecutor will use against them, and investigating whether the case is defensible.

A qualified lawyer knows to perform these steps before recommending a hearing, a plea to the probation violation allegation, or further investigation.

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