Sex Offender De-registration

Sex Offender De-registration

You were ordered to register in the sex offender registry. If enough time goes by, and you do not have any disqualifying new convictions, you may qualify for Sex Offender De-registration under Colorado law. Your serious life problems may be caused by your conviction and Megan’s law, the law requiring you to register in the Colorado sex offender registry.

Time requirements before filing a petition

Before we can file a petition for removal from the registry, enough time has elapse. CRS § 16-22-113, has the following time requirements:

Felony F1, F2, or F3 – 20 years

Felony F4, F5, or F6 – 10 years

Misdemeanor M1 – 10 years or 5 years

Other misdemeanors – varies by actual conviction and/or order by the court

Conviction requirements for Sex Offender De-registration

To be eligible for Sex Offender De-registration, you must not have had any new convictions where the case involved unlawful sexual behavior.

Am I eligible for Sex Offender De-registration in Colorado?

This is the reason to hire an attorney to help you with your petition for Sex Offender De-registration. We will examine your original court record, your criminal history, and your life situation to give you an assessment as to whether your petition for Sex Offender De-registration is eligible for filing. If not, you will only be charged for the time spent on researching your case. Otherwise, your retainer will pay for drafting the petition and the hearing on the petition.

Megan’s Law limits your life

When required to register under Megan’s Law, you may not live close to certain places, you may be ineligible to attend certain functions or pick up kids from schools. You do not need an attorney to educate you on the many ways being required to register on a sex offender registry is bad for you.

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