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Grand Jury Indictments Are Rubber Stamps?

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Are Grand Jury Indictments Are Rubber Stamps? Grand jury proceedings are a mystical thing. They are secret. The grand jurors go in, the prosecutor goes in, witnesses go in, then the prosecutor comes out with an indictment and the beginning of his charges against a person, people, or corporation. DC Juror, claiming the group as […]

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Statue of limitations – So long ago, but charging me now

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Statue of limitations Statue of limitations are the time required to bring charges or “commence the prosecution.”  The criminal prosecutor must bring charges within that time limit. If they try, any competent attorney should be able to help get the case dismissed. On the other hand, for the government to satisfy this requirement, the government must […]


Lower Bond or Higher Bond? Learn How Bond Works

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Get a Lower Bond: How Bond Works Bond has two purposes: (1) ensures a defendant’s return to court and (2) ensures the person will not re-offend while awaiting trial. A lower bond shows a low risk of both of these factors. To get a lower bond, especially at a bond hearing, you will need a […]